Ninth grade Turkish students’ attitude towards chemistry

Measured by Attitude Scale towards Chemistry, Turkish students rated chemistry courses as dis-satisfied, being less-interested, and finding irrelevant to their lives. Chemistry grades are negatively significantly correlated with three factor dimensions and mathematics grades are negatively significantly correlated with satisfaction only.

PChem: Quantifying student conceptions on phase diagrams

Based on Itemized Misconception Index (IM-Index), 13-item two-tier diagnostic test on phase diagrams shows that majors’ have high degree of alternative conceptions in a physical chemistry course at a public university located in North-West Turkey.

Construct validity and reliability measures of scores from the Science Teachers’ Pedagogical Discontentment (STPD) scale   Recently updated!

The Science Teachers’ Pedagogical Discontentment (STPD) scale has formerly been developed in the United States and used since 2006. Based on the perceptions of selected teachers, the scale is deeply rooted in the cultural and national standards. Given these limitations, the measurement integrity of its scores has not yet been conclusively established internationally, such as in the Saudi Arabia context. The items of the scale are slightly tailored to make the instrument suitable in the specific context, such as with respect to country-based regulations, reforms, and everyday practices of science teachers and their professional development initiatives. Item-based descriptive statistics, the measure’s factor structure as opposed to its former validity studies, and factor-based reliability scores are investigated in the present report. Thus, this study extends the validity and reliability measures of the instrument to the international scale and further confirms its appropriateness to measure teacher attitudes towards inquiry-based science education initiatives.

Triangulation of science teachers’ affective states towards change through modeling pedagogical discontentment, self-efficacy and intentions to reform science teaching 2   Recently updated!

Excited to note that as of May 13th, 2016, the status of this manuscript was changed to “Accepted Pending Revision” by RISE.